Wednesday, November 19, 2008

La Guerra de Agua!

So, for the past month now the un-known date of this war of water has been tourturing the 3rd years. Every year, the 4th years plan this "hazing" event. I imagined a simple water balloon fight, but I couldnt have been more wrong. About 5 weeks ago the 4th years cut the power to our class rooms and began to stomp on the ceilings (their rooms are located directly above ours). Everyone went wild expecting this notorious battle to begin... but nothing happened. That was some five weeks ago. Since then the seniors have done every thing possible to psych us out. I got a glimpse of what we were getting into the morning we found a boar´s head on a silver platter in our classroom and threatening notes written on the white boards. For the rest of the day there was an awful smell in that room. Every afternoon for nearly a month we were told that tomorrow would be the day- but it never came. Until today, the 19th of November. Before lunch, we were wrangled into a single room and one by one a victim was taken out. Once outside we ran through a gaunlet as the 4th years threw things at us. I couldn´t even tell what somethings were but I was hit with eggs, vinegar?, a mix of flour and water, mud, waterballoons, rotten vegetables, paint, yougurt (I think?), hand fulls of dry flour... it was disgusting. Once through the gaunlet it was war. For quite some time we continued to hurl miscellenous and absolutamente asquerozo weas at eachother. This was all taking place outside in a closed in patio as the other grades and teachers were watching safetly from inside. It was the food fight that Tim Canty never allowed- except worse. I suppose it was with good intention since everyones friends- despite the the eggs I had a great time. Once everyone was absolutely flithy and no one could find anything else to throw- we ran out to the soccer fields where firetrucks waiting to spray us all down. It was hilarious. Despite the decent hose down we way too dirty to get into cars so we were transported in pickup trucks to our houses. I walked up to my house shirtless, no shoes, and dripping wet with like sludge. I didnt have any of my belongings so the nana let me in- she was astonished at my appearence. I walked right to the shower... I still feel dirty and I have streaks of what I think is spray paint on my back . This friday were having a party to say good bye the the leaving seniors- should be a good time granted no one brings rotten eggs...

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