Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Impressions

August 20, 2008

Well, im in school now and easily confused by everything. Yesterday was my firsty day, however; I came with Nacho, my host brother, and now im on my own. I´ve learned quickly that Chileans dont heat anything. For instance, to take a shower in the morning you have to run down stairs and ignite a heater (a custom that I was not aware of for my first three showers). If only I had read the "Chile: Customs and Traditions" book I brought along, I might not be suffering from this small cold. I keep telling myself, "taylor you lived on a glacier for thirty days", but really I am cold, always. I have yet to be formally introduced to a principle or a teacher for that matter, which strikes me as strange and makes me wonder if they even know that im in the school. For the most part we remain in one class and the teachers rotate through, but every once and a while everyone gets up and departs for another room- there must be a bell, but i have yet to hear even the slightest noise. Since I dont have an established schedule I usually follow the people that ive actually managed to maintain a fluent conversation with. Today that brought me to an all girls Art History class and I dove right into Renaissance art. Despite my initial interpretation, El Colegio Aleman de Los Angeles does have a strong German influence. When I first entered the Klasse Aleman (as its spelled on the door) the boy infront of me turned around, and in broken English said, "Do you know Ronald Macdonald?¿" Confused, I continued through the door to see the teacher dressed in a flambouyant organge sweater with massive orange hair- it was rather hilarious. As if she doesnt know how foreign I am, she asked me to read from the German story we were working with. I later learned she was a substitute and actually didnt speak Spanish either. Its too strange to sit through an English class and observe people trying to learn my first language. I think I finally understand why you cant truly learn Spanish, or any language for that matter, in the class room. You really do need to become emersed and use it daily. However, everytime I turn on the radio, TV, or use the computer im blasted with pop culutre from the states. I´ve yet to hear Juanes on the radio instead, I cant escape Britney Spears, Fallout Boy, Yellowcard, and more. Anyhow, I am enjoying Nacho´s selection of Dispatch and Bob Marley. Bueno, me voy, escribire mas luego.


The Argentinean Pirate said...

Hey Taylor-

Just arrived in Argentina yesterday. Your blog made me feel more confident before I left!

I´m glad to hear everything is going well so far. Good luck!


Greg said...

Querido Taylor,

¿Qué tal todo mi amigo? ¡Qué bueno que hayas decidido pasar un año en Chile! Puedo ver que te estás divirtiendo, aprendiendo mucho, y obviamente practicando el español.

Bueno, quería preguntarte más sobre cómo fueron los primeros días allí en Chile. Primero, ¿cómo fue cuando conociste a tu familia? Me encantaría oír más sobre tu hermano Nacho, ¡me parece muy simpático! También, fue chistoso leer sobre el profesor en la clase de alemán, pero me sorprendió oír que haya tanta influencia americana en Chile. ¿Todavía crees que sí? ¿O has cambiado de opinión, dándote cuenta que sólo fue algo que notabas al principio del viaje?

Nos encantaría si pudieras venir para visitarnos en clase cuando regreses a los estados en mayo. ¡Espero que todo este bien contigo, y que disfrutes el resto del viaje!

Nos vemos pronto,
~~ Gregorio Oliveras ~~